(Updated 3/18/2016 9:16 am)


A very contagious virus was reported at the  Munster Indiana Humane Society and could affect surrounding areas.



(Edit) The Virus is now confirmed to be Canine Flu A H3N2.

The virus began from a single stray Friday, march 11, at the Humane Society Calumet Area Adoption and Intake Center in Munster Indiana. Just 5 days later, 94 of the 99 dogs housed there became infected with the virus.

 The animal shelter has decided to shut down the receiving and adoption service for at least the next 3 weeks until the disease is controlled. Spokesperson for the shelter, Rachel Delaney, claims “This has been really catastrophic for our shelter and it’s something we haven’t dealt with before in terms of this severity of disease.”

 This virus is extremely contagious among dogs. As of right now, it appears only dogs are subject to infection and cats and humans cannot contract the virus. Owners should have their pets brought in, examined and treated if any of the following signs are present.

 Indications Of Infection:

  • Deep Cough That Sounds Like A Goose’s Honk
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Yellow or Green Nasal Discharge
  • Loss of Appetite

 If not treated, in extreme cases this virus can be fatal.

How To Help Your Dog Until Treatment Is Available

  1. The pet must be monitored closely at all times
  2. Hydration and proper nutrition is very important
  3. Adequate rest
  4. Quarantine away from other dogs is vital to contain the disease
  5. Schedule a full examination for proper diagnosis and treatment

If you suspect your dog is infected please contact us at 219-865-1201 for a full evaluation.

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