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The 2017 tick and flea season is predicted to be especially pest heavy in comparison to recent years. The very mild winter has given fleas and ticks a great opportunity for a lengthened breading season. Vectra products are the best solutions available to kill Fleas and Ticks. Our suppliers are offering a large discount on multi-packs to help our clients prepare.


FLEAS- Fleas are small flightless insects that can attack your pet in droves. These insects can quickly infest your pet as well as your household. Female fleas can lay approximately 5000 eggs in their lifetime. They have the ability to jump long distances and usually appear as a black spec.

TICKS- Ticks are arachnids that are genetic cousins to the spider. They are most likely found as solitary hitchhikers on your pet or in small groups. Ticks are generally small when first attached to your pet but then swell exponentially in size when feeding. North American ticks have the potential to carry infections such as Lyme disease so it is important to check for them regularly on your pet as well as yourself.


1. Be sure to mow your grass regularly so fleas and ticks are less likely to take up residence.

2. Be sure to brush your pets thoroughly before they enter your home from outside. Also check them visually as you comb them in order to spot potential pests.

3. Be sure to keep your pets away from any wildlife such as birds, raccoons, squirrels, or other feral animals.

4. Keep a clean home. Be sure to clean your home regularly if you have pets that could carry fleas and ticks.