Complimentary Membership To ePet!

Getting your very own ePetHealth is free and easy! All you need to do is list your e-mail address on the new client form or update your personal information to include your e-mail address. You will receive a personalized login id and password in the first email we send you from our animal care clinic. That’s it. You can start enjoying the benefits of your Pet Portal.

What Is Included in ePet Health?

  • Access reliable information on a wide range of pet health topics
  • Ask Lincoln Way about your pet, or find out more about our emergency animal hospital’s veterinary services
  • Post favorite pictures of your pet
  • Print out proof of vaccinations for boarding or travel
  • Quicken check in time for clinic or boarding procedures
  • Request appointments
  • Request prescription refills or other products
  • Set up for email notification reminding you to give your pet’s medication
  • Update your contact information
  • View your pet’s health information
  • Create and print instructions for kennel staff

ePet Health Membership Benefits

  • Receive access 24/7 to medical records needed for boarding, traveling, enrolling in classes or an emergency
  • After hours communication for appointment requests, medication requests or for general veterinary questions
  • Reminder e-mail notification for product or medication doses
  • View upcoming appointments or follow up on health care recommendations

If you are interested in this benefit, contact us  for more information or ask one of our animal care staff members when you come in to see us.